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  • Trading Cryptocurrency

    Cryptocurrency Trading is the smarter alternative of forex trading. It's referred to as the Forex (Foreign Exchange) of cryptocurrencies. This means, you are able to trade bitcoin and different altcoin normally for USD and BTC.

    Why Trade Cryptocurrency?
    • Cryptocurrencies are known for their rapid price movements, providing potentially high returns on investment.
    • Even as a growing market, it has a Total market cap of Five Billion US Dollars daily ($5,000,000,000).
    • Bitcoin keeps breaking records! Its value rose over 385.4% from the beginning of 2017*.
    • Unlike most regular markets, cryptocurrency trading runs 24/7, the market never sleeps.
    • The time of getting scared is over Blockchain is here to stay so Don’t stay back and run behind the train.
    • The business is Open to All and doesn’t require you to compromise your financial privacy.

    In cryptocurrency trading markets, a fraction of a second can mean the difference between a profit and a loss. CoinShield is offering you the opportunity to generate better returns by taking advantage of our newly developed CoAsh software that executes reliable, low risk - per seconds trades across all major cryptocurrency exchanges.

    CoinShield Cryptocurrency Trading Platform

    After 3years of undergoing beta testing and constant innovation on our CoAsh software and trading capabilites we are pleased to launch Coinshield Managed cryptocurrency trading platform to offer professionalism in the new wave of profitable cryptocurrency trading.

    CoinShield, is a cryptocurrency trading platform legally registered in Cyprus since 27th, July 2014 with offline operations for about three years, however this platform marks its first online cryptocurrency trading project. This platform is managed by a group of highly skilled cryptocurrency trading experts with proven records of profitability and candor.

    Trade with Confidence

    Earning Opportunity

    115% After 10Days Tester Plan

    Min. Trading Amount: $20
    Max. Trading Amount: $1000
    Trading Period: 10 days
    Withdrawal Type: Instant
    Early Principal Withdrawal: Not Possible
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    All payments protected encryption

    115% total returns

    2.667% Daily for 75Days Doubler

    Min. Trading Amount: $50
    Max. Trading Amount $200,000
    Trading Period: 75 Days
    Withdrawal type: Instant
    Early Principal Withdrawal: Possible
    Make deposit

    All payments protected encryption

    200% total returns

    3.333% Daily for 90Days Tripler

    Min. Trading Amount: $2500
    Max. Trading Amount: $500,000
    Trading Period: 90 Days
    Withdrawal type: Instant
    Early Principal Withdrawal: Possible
    Make deposit

    All payments protected encryption

    300% total returns


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    We Pay Amazing Referral Commission to ALL Members

    The only thing required from our satisfied traders after an awesome experience with us is to share their referral link with others and when you share your expereince we will reward you from all trading contracts initiated under your link.

    You can promote/share your CoinShield experience by placing our banners or text ads on your website, blog or you can simply put your affiliate link in message forum signatures, email signatures, promoting to your friends, family members or co-workers. If the right visitor clicks on the banner or text ad, opens a new trading account and subsequently initiate a trade, you will be eligible for a 6% commission from this investment.

    Commissions are credited to your CoinShield account balance instantly, with no complexities or delays.

    Note: It is not necessary to have a trading contract with us in order to participate in our Affiliate Program.

    Why Choose Us

    We do not only offer better trading returns, we build a relationship with our traders and lots more:
    • Fund protection of upto $23,000,000 for ALL CoinShield traders means no one losses by trading cryptocurrencies with us
    • Our services is centered around guaranteed traders satisfaction. We offer top notch and timely support to all our traders via email, phone and live chat.
    • Our platform combines financial intelligence fueled by data and technology innovation.
    Purchase methods accepted: BTC, ETH and more.. How to get ETH?
    Trading Funds are Secured
    We take your money as seriously as you do to ensure your personal information is fully encrypted, securely stored, and protected by our state-of-the-art technology. Also, At CoinShield All trading funds is insured, we purchased an insurance policy through a group of London Underwriters to protect our traders.

    Today investments in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are the most popular and profitable way to generate income.

    The experts of our company use the latest technologies and their experience to increase profits and reduce risks. Our platform is the most convenient, practical and simple for our customers.

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