Frequently Asked Questions

General Service questions

Why should I use, if I can register at any exchange and trade cryptocurrency on my own?

The whole point of going with a managed trading platform is the ease of use. Based on research, it’s highly unlikely you’ll outperform the market on your own. Better yet, if you tried to do it on your own, it would be much more expensive and less profitable.

However, with our organized CoinShield Cryptocurrency Trading Platform things are different. We’re professional traders who use data and technological innovations.

  • We have access to multiple paid and closed news aggregators. These aggregators gather news on each cryptocurrency and publish them within seconds
  • CoinShield monitor the situation on a specific cryptocurrency in ALL markets at once. That is, we can see the average change for one currency at all exchanges. This average rate determines what happens to the cryptocurrency in total, rather than at one particular exchange.
  • CoinShield trade around the clock, so we do not miss an opportunity to make money, while one person physically can’t monitor markets 24 hours a day.
  • CoinShield business managers are experienced, so we do not give in to panic and emotions. All decisions are made in purely cold mind and executed by professionals.
What exchanges do CoinShield trade cryptocurrencies on?

At this moment our trading software is built to execute trade across 18 global exchanges, Click Here ( ) to see them.

How exactly do CoinShield make money on exchanges and how is this program able to pay upto 3% daily interest to traders?

We execute several trades daily from which we earn and lose, however the losses is covered by the profit we generate thus giving us an edge to always provide returns on a daily basis. CoinShield managers averagely gain between 3.8% - 12% trading hence making it possible to always pay returns to our investors.

Is CoinShield trading platform a legal entity?

Yes, CoinShield is legally registered in St. Vincent and the Grenadines since July 2014 and have been operating offline for about three years.

Who administer

CoinShield cryptocurrency trading platform is managed by a group of highly skilled cryptocurrency trading experts, network marketers and the best cryptocurrency software coders from Russian, Vietnam and United State.

Why choose Coinshield trading platform?

Among others below are some of the top reasons why westand head and shoulders above our competitors:

  • Reliability: Our trading team are expert and people to associate with; we are backed by leading exchanges and are confident in our superb capabilities. We execute low risk – profitable trades every single days and we do this with excellent precision.
  • Trading Plans: We operate three realistic plans which is designed for wide range of investors, the plans are profitable and very well sustainable making it possible for investors to enjoy longer earning time.
  • Customer Service: We have high regards for our members and take them personally and provide a top notch customer service. Our proficient and friendly representatives are online to answer any questions 24 hours a day, 7days a week.
  • Innovation: We are dedicated to constant advancement and reinvention to make sure your investments with us are safe and your returns are stable.
  • Our Online System: CoinShield uses operates one of the most user friendly and secured trading platform , we got extra security customization to help protect our program and investors accounts, in terms of hosting, our program is hosted on a dedicated server with DDOS protection from Cloud flare, with security we say you are 99.9% secured.
  • No Commissions: We charge absolutely zero commissions on all wallet funding and deposit withdrawal you make full returns on all trades.

We offers 30 Days Full (i.e 100%) Money Back Guarantee if after 30days your not pleased with our services

Account Management Questions

Where and how can I add/edit my e-currency accounts?

To edit your cryptocurrency account, simple login to your personal member area and click on currency manager, ( on this page you would be able to update your e-currency details.

I forgot my password, how can I restore it?

You can restore your password by using the forgot password link (

Can I have a multiple accounts with coinshield?

No, it is forbidden by the terms of service. The maximum trading amount should allows each trader maximize his or her earning potential from one account, if you have special need to go above this set limits, do contact us and we would be happy to help you out.

How secured is my account?

Your account is safe; you are the only one who has access to your account as long as you keep your login information safe.

I lost my secondary password, how do I get a new one?

To obtain a new secondary password, simple login to your account and submit support ticket, we would be pleased to generate a new secondary password for you.

What should I do to keep my account secured?

To ensure trust and confidence for all our members, we have implemented a wide range of security measures to protect your account, members are advised to keep their login details save however, our platform allows you to use IP settings please choose from any of the required IP settings to keep your account more secured.

What if I lost my Account password?

In a situation where you can no longer remember your password simple request for your password using forgot password link, enter your email address and an email would be sent to you with a new password.

Investment Questions

How do I use your trading services?

If you desire to use our managed cryptocurrency trading platform you must first open an account and fund it using our accepted payment processors . After opening and adding funds to your CoinShield account simple login to your account, click on deposit and choose a profit plan.

Can I load funds to my account with PayPal?

You can, first you need to exchange paypal to bitcoin at and then load funds with Bitcoin.

Do you offer several trading plans?

Yes. Presently we offer three unique trading plans that allows you profit from our managed cryptocurrency trading services. The first is the Trial plan which should be for people who are struggling to build trust in our trading abilities however decides to initiate trade on our platform while the other two plans are the doubler and tripler plans that helps you double or triple your money in days.

Do I get profit every day?

We pay all active traders daily returns everyday 7days of the week.

What is the minimum trading amount?

Each of the three trading plans has their set minimum. The minimum for the
Trial Plan is: $20
Doubler Plan is: $50 while the
Tripler Plan is $2500

After initiating a trade what do I do next?

The only requirement would be to login every day to request your profit to your e-currency account. Referring is not a requirement to earn however you can share CoinShield with others and make profit. We advice you also follow up on our bi-weekly updates to know what we are doing and how we are progressing.

What is the accepted payment processor?

We currently operate with Bitcoin, PerfectMoney and Payeer.

What is the Minimum Amount I can invest?

$10 is the minimum amount you can invest in the Premium Plan whereas $250 is the minimum in the Deluxe Plan.

Can I invest in both plans?

Yes, you can invest as many times as you want in both or single plan.

Can I lose my money?

Nothing is 100% guaranteed but it's very important for you to know that we are real oil and gas marketing and distribution experts and that we invest members funds on major sales.

Withdrawal Question

How do I withdraw my Profits?

To withdraw your profit, login to your account and click on ‘Withdraw Profits” to process your withdrawal.

Do you charge any fees for deposits or withdrawals?

Yes, we are charging 0.00030000 BTC for every withdraw. All deposits are without any fees.

What is the minimum amount to withdraw? And how can I withdraw funds?

The minimum withdrawable amount is $2. To withdraw you simple login to your account and make a withdrawal request which gets processed instantly

How often can i withdraw?

There are no limits, you can withdraw as often as you want - it's your money.

Can I withdraw funds using a different e-currency?

Yes. We allow internal exchange of cryptocurrency.

Do you pay every day or only on business days?

Yes, Because our business is not only on weekdays we are able to buy and sell refined crude products any day of the week and make profits, this allows our system to pay members everyday for 7days a week.

Do I get my principal (original trading amount) back?

No Please, Your earnings are calculated making up the total returns as shown in our profit plan page.

Referral Question

Does CoinShield offer any benefit for people who refer other members?

Yes we do, our referral platform is a great way for everyone to earn, you earn 10% commission three level deep of all amounts invested by your direct and indirect referrals.

Can I get referral bonus without trading with CoinShield Trading platform?

Yes, you can, simple open an account and use your referral link while referring other members.

Does this platform provide promotional materials?

Yes, this can be found in your member area. You are welcome to use our promotional material in your website for promoting CoinShield and earn revenue.