Steps to Trade and Earn in CoinShield Trading Platform

Trading with us is simple and straightforward

4 simple steps

Step 1: Registration

We require a simple registration process. Click on the registration/join now button on the webpage, fill the form and submit and your account will be created automatically.

Step 3: Initiate Trade to Earn Daily

Our main trading plans helps you double your money in 75Days and Triple your money in 90Days. Each trading plans pay daily and you can either withdraw or compound to earn even more.

No recruiting necessary. There’s no denying that recruiting can earn you a life changing income in CoinShield Cryptocurrency Trading Platform. But if you are not up for it or not good at it, then that’s okay because you can still earn without any referrals.

Step 2: Login and Fund Your Account

Once your account is created you can start trading, but before you can initiate trade you would need to fund/load your account with trading amount. We accepted funding in Bitcoin - Ethereum - Payeer - Perfect Money - ADVCash and Bank Wire. Funding is automatically credited to your account and available for trading.

Step 4: Withdraw Profit

You can withdraw profit or choose to initiate more trade with your daily interest. Minimum withdrawal is $2.00 and ALL Withdrawals are processed instantly to your payment processor account upon request.